Under the supervision of Dr. Dawn Parker and Dr. Jeff Casello, I am conducting a home buyer/seller survey, focusing on the examination of household preference and behaviour in home buying and home selling process, and the relationship between the presence of LRT and housing markets.

Survey Introduction

The survey sample will be recent home buyers and home sellers in the K-W area during the survey period (March 2017 – February 2018). Each participant who submit the survey will get a 20-dollar gift card as a reward.

There are two scientific questions to be answered through the survey:

1. What is the relationship between heterogeneous household preference and behaviour, and urban residential patterns?
To figure out the relationship between household preference for residential locations and core-area intensification, this survey considers both home buyers and sellers’ location decision behaviour. The model (WARM) with disaggregated household data will facilitate the Region to get better known of the public perception and reasonably bring forward with growth strategies and policies.

2. What is the relationship between the presence of LRT and housing markets?
This study will explore people’s perceptions for the LRT line and how the LRT system has affected housing choices in the pre-build stage. Our completed research will contribute to the public sector debate by providing evidence to support the debate about the effects of the LRT, as well as by assessing the impacts of policies designed to improve transportation and land-use patterns in K-W.

Survey Questions

The survey questions focus on:
• Characteristics of the home you sold or bought
• Your home selling/buying experience
• Whether LRT contributed to your home selling/buying decision
• Your location choice preferences
• Your household characteristics and travel behaviour

Survey Updates

Updates about the survey and results will be posted on this webpage. A summary of the study’s final results, working papers, academic publications and student’s thesis will be available on this project website as well. We will hold an open house briefing session to present results and answer questions when we complete this study. Survey participants, as well as research partners in the regional and municipal government, real estate sector and the general public, will be invited.

If you are interested in our study, please check back for updates, or contact Yu Huang (yu.huang@uwaterloo.ca), Dr. Dawn Parker (dcparker@uwaterloo.ca) or Dr. Jeff Casello (jcasello@uwaterloo.ca). This study has been reviewed by and received ethics clearance through a University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee. Thank you very much for your attention.


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