Accessibility reflects the ability of individuals to reach their destinations, given interactions between transportation systems, land use, and individual resources. Neudorf chooses to focus on accessibility to employment, using data from the 2006 Transportation Tomorrow Survey – a survey of travel habits and household factors conducted in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. By using Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ), a small unit of geographical area that normally has less than 3,000 residents, to measure survey results, the number of jobs accessible from each zone by each mode of travel and their associated costs can be calculated.

We have developed an interactive map where you can explore the results from Neudorf’s study. By clicking a TAZ on the interactive map, a chart of the costs of travel compared to number of reachable jobs is generated for each travel mode.

Click the image below to access the interactive map.

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To find more about the applications of accessibility profile analysis and how it can be applied in the Kitchener-Waterloo context, you can read the thesis at:


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