Pedram Fard

Pedram Fard is a PhD student in Urban Planning at University of Waterloo, Faculty of Environment.
In his current research, Pedram studies spatial and temporal patterns of land use changes induced by Light Rail Transit development. By employing Spatial System Dynamics modelling approach in conjunction with other quantitative methods, he tries to establish causal relationship between investment in public transit and land use intensification in Waterloo Region.

Being enthusiastic to work and research on the intersection of urban planning and GIScience disciplines, during seven years of professional experience, Pedram has contributed to several urban informatics and spatial database design and implementation projects along with spatial analytical model development and public service provision assessment as parts of various urban and regional development plans.

In 2011, he was awarded the European Union Erasmus Mundus fellowship to continue his studies in the field of Geo-information science and remote sensing at University of Twente, the Netherlands. With particular focus on the role of rail transportation system, he has carried out his MSc research project on Measuring Transit Oriented Development, technically by developing a GIS-based analytical tool and employing spatial multi-criteria analysis.

Project-related publications

Parkin, Margaret; Stubbs, David; Hang, Virginia; Parker, Dawn; Casello, Jeff; Moos, Markus; Jin, Xiongbing; Babin, Robert; Fard, Pedram; Huang, Yu; Pi, Xinyue; Tamer, Filiz; Yeung, Kevin

Central Transit Corridor Monitoring Program, Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Baseline Monitoring Report Technical Report

Region of Waterloo Waterloo, ON, Canada, 2015.

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