Robert Babin

Robert Babin is working towards an MA in the University of Waterloo’s School of Planning. After completing a BES in Planning, he continued at the school to work on a large agent-based modeling project to simulate development in Waterloo Region. Within this project he is using spatial econometric techniques to estimate heterogeneous home buyer preferences for urban amenities. Understanding the complex interactions in residential location decisions between public and private open space, transit, and home buyer demographics is a key component of his work. This research will add an important element to consider for both municipalities, as they work towards the equitable provision of public amenities, as well as the development community, who seek to create and market housing that caters to residents’ preferences.

Robert is an active student member of OPPI (Ontario Professional Planners Institute), CIP (Canadian Institute of Planners), and ULI (Urban Land Institute).


Robert’s Curriculum Vitae

Project-related publications

Babin, Robert

Estimating Homebuyer Preferences Under Intensification: Hedonic Modelling of Open Space and Multimodal Transit Amenities Preceding Light Rail in Kitchener-Waterloo Masters Thesis

School of Planning, University of Waterloo, 2016.

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Parkin, Margaret; Stubbs, David; Hang, Virginia; Parker, Dawn; Casello, Jeff; Moos, Markus; Jin, Xiongbing; Babin, Robert; Fard, Pedram; Huang, Yu; Pi, Xinyue; Tamer, Filiz; Yeung, Kevin

Central Transit Corridor Monitoring Program, Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Baseline Monitoring Report Technical Report

Region of Waterloo Waterloo, ON, Canada, 2015.

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Parker, Dawn; Jin, Xiongbing; Babin, Robert; Yeung, Kevin; Antanaitis, Andre

A Prototype Integrated Residential Land-Use and Transportation Model: the WAterloo Region Model (WARM) Conference

Joint International Conference on Geospatial Theory, Processing, Modelling and Applications, Toronto, Canada, 2014.


Jin, Xiongbing; Parker, Dawn; Casello, Jeff; Babin, Robert; Yeung, Kevin

Developing a vector-based land market model Conference

The Association of American Geographers annual conference, Tampa, FL, 2014.


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