Dear IEMSS members and research colleagues,

We invite your registration for IEMSS workshop A4: “The MIRACLE prototype: A hands-on demo of a new tool for visualization, analysis, and workflow management for agent-based models of socioeconomic systems”.

Session description:

This session follows up on the 2014 IEMSS workshop “Analyzing and synthesizing results from complex socio-ecosystem models with high-dimensional input, parameter and output spaces,” and a related ESSA metadata workshop, whose input contributed to the development of the Digging into Data MIRACLE software prototype, which will be demoed in the workshop. MIRACLE allows users to upload, analyze, and share output data from complex simulation models in a cloud-based community environment. Rather than uploading and executing code, output data, output analysis scripts, and model and provenance metadata are uploaded. Users (project participants, external researchers, or even students) can query data, examine existing visualizations and analyses, and run new queries using novel parameter combinations, sharing and commenting on queries. The tool is designed to facilitate efficient sharing of model output and analysis and thereby improve communication and reduce barriers to entry for modellers.

Organizers: Dawn C. Parker, J. Gary Polhill, and Allen Lee

For more information on the MIRACLE project and team, including a draft overview and documentation paper by the development team, please see:

For the overview paper:

We plan also to gather user feedback in a systematic way during the workshop, resulting in a publication co-authored with interested workshop participants.

Hope to see you there!

Dawn Parker


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